Sunday, 11 September 2011

understanding characters


What is the characters main motive
the charecters main motive was to speak to the girl he was on the date with and ask her about her first love?first kiss?  as he felt he knew the other character (the lady) since he was a kid and he cant recall the memories.

Character growth
the character has not grown much in the video clip but he has had a back story in the short film.

the obstacle was that the girl was not willing to answer all the questions and was feeling grumpy in the end.

Character Trait
introvert-in the video the lady has mentioned that the character was very shy in childhood and did not play with anyone.
well mannered-the character was asking her questions in a very gentle and well mannered way and at any point did not sound more like that the girl was forced to answer his questions.

the character has a very deep back story he was a reserve boy he always had a camera on his neck to capture the memories so he does not forget anything because he had memory problem he also see the girl play the character liked the girl when he was a small...she is the same girl sitting with him in the cafe.